I was born and grew up in Ózd in the northern part of Hungary and began my career as a professional musician. After having spent five years in the Lebanese National Symphonic Orchestra I was admitted to University of Miskolc where I gained my master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology with specialization in applied anthropology and documentary filmmaking under the guidance of Gyula Gulyás. 

As an independent filmmaker, I am conducting long-term anthropological fieldworks on regular basis focusing on the everyday life of marginalized communities living in economically depressed regions of Hungary (Ormánság, Borsod county) and self-sufficient communities trying to articulate their values in the midst of the consumer society. The outcomes of these researches are realized as independent documentary films. 


Collection of private works: writings and films based on cultural anthropology.



Cultural anthropology and visual studies.



Rovings on the brink of the culture: documentary films and fragments about forgotten regions.


Lap tetejére
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