What is the garden? A piece of land inherited from generation to generation kept together by the cohesive power of the family or a temporary parcel established on a demolition area whose existence is defined by the arbitrary power of city investments?

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The film tries to reconstruct the process of charcoal burning, a traditional craft that has almost disappeared by now in Hungary. Charcoal burning had a centuries-long tradition. The activity flourished mainly in forested regions that were close to metallurgical centres. Good quality charcoal was vitally important for producing metal with a low sulphur content.      

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Hosszúhetény situated at the feet of Mecsek is a beloved place of those escaping from the city noise. Among the newcomers arriving from Pécs we find more and more intellectuals since 1990. In our film we follow the every day life of three families in order to identify those ideas  that helped them to redefine their future. 

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Collection of private works: writings and films based on cultural anthropology.



Cultural anthropology and visual studies.



Rovings on the brink of the culture: documentary films and fragments about forgotten regions.


Lap tetejére
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